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Sanxiang SevenStar Mansion

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  •  This project is located in the center of New Jiangwan City beside mature supporting facilities of Wujiaochang and original economic and natural environment of Wetland Park. It covers about 22,700m2 and the total building area is about 37,000m2. It consists of 7 independent villas, 14 semi-detached villas and 70 luxury apartments. The project makes use of the advantage in the topography to carry out the elaborate planning. It is surrounded by the water in two sides and the greening rate is about 35%, and the plot ratio is 1.0. It is a low-density high-end residence in the New Jiangwan City, which integrates the neoclassical building with the natural landscape to become the featured first-class residential building in the New Jiangwan City.

    Tel: 021-65589888
    Address: Cross of Zhengqing Road and Yingaodong Road, New Jiangwan City, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    Investor: Sanxiang Co., Ltd.

    Developer: Shanghai Xiangchen Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.


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